Ulrich E. Basler
Resource Management BI Lead
Ulrich Basler is a seasoned BI professional with a track record of building and leading high-performing analysis and reporting teams across various subject areas and tools. He specializes in creating action-oriented dashboards and developing customized BI solutions that address client needs and goals in a holistic way.

With a strong focus on client-centricity, Ueli leverages his expertise in design thinking to ensure that his solutions deliver maximum value and actionable insights. He recently completed a post-degree study in Design Thinking Methods at the Zurich University of the Arts, which has enhanced his ability to understand and respond to clients' needs.

In addition to his BI skills, Ueli has extensive experience as an IT architect, Java and SQL developer, project manager, and technical solution sales professional. He brings a diverse range of skills to his work, allowing him to work effectively with teams across Switzerland, Poland, and the USA.

Ueli is committed to sharing his experience and knowledge with others and has a proven track record of fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing across companies.