Angela Le Mathon
VP People Data & Analytics
Angela is the VP of Global People Data & Analytics at GSK. She started her career as a business analyst in New York working in financial services.

She later moved to Washington D.C where she worked in market research with a specific focus on consumer behaviour. She then moved to Paris, France where she joined HSBC and would spend many years in customer experience studying premier retail banking clients.

She then returned to New York to work in compliance risk analytics, mainly focused on developing early warning signals for business-to-business transactions.

Angela moved to London in the summer of 2014 where she formally entered People Analytics with a keen interest on workforce planning, organisation design and culture. She joined GSK in 2021 where she is responsible for running their people science practice, delivering insights to enable people, teams and the organisation to thrive.

She is a trained mindset coach and member of the London Chapter of the Links Incorporated.