Harmonising Generative AI in HR and Across the Business

This session provides a deep dive into Essity's strategic approach to harnessing the power of generative AI, ensuring its alignment with business objectives through effective governance, cross-functional collaboration, and ethical considerations.

GenAI has the potential to provide significant cost savings in the HR domain. At the same time, customer satisfaction can be sustainably increased through faster and more accurate responses to queries.

The employee experience can be taken to the next level by tailoring information offerings to the needs of specific employee groups. But at the same time, the necessary investments in GenAI are considerable. In addition to the costs for GenAI services, employees must be upskilled, and a change process must be initiated.

This is a mammoth task that HR shouldn't have to handle alone. And HR doesn’t have to do this alone, because the same opportunities and risks exist everywhere in the company. What is needed is concerted action, and HR can - and should - play a leading role in these efforts.

While different functions are competing for resources for GenAI, significant synergy effects can be achieved. A chatbot in HR, for example, is very similar to one used in the customer service area. Uncoordinated activities cost unnecessary money, delay implementation, and expose our company to avoidable legal risks.

This session will explore:

  • How to navigate the journey toward an HR function that leverages GenAI to its fullest advantage
  • How a governance structure can be set up that harmonises the requirements of all parts of the company.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn what a governance structure could look like that aligns all GenAI activities in the company.
  • Understand how to further strengthen the role that HR plays in the transition to a GenAI-driven company.
  • Go beyond leading change management efforts and defining skill profiles.
  • Orchestrate the implementation of GenAI projects across the company.