Preparing the Workforce and Organisation for AI

This panel will explore strategic approaches to preparing both workforce and organisational structures for the evolving demands of AI technologies. It will delve into how businesses can harness generative AI to enhance productivity, foster a culture of continuous learning, and manage the ethical implications associated with AI deployment.

With AI poised to redefine roles and enhance productivity, organisations need to adopt agility, rethink job structures, and focus on human skills that complement AI, such as emotional intelligence and analytical judgement. This strategic preparation is key to leveraging AI for higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

This session will explore:

  • Strategic Integration of AI in Business Functions
    Utilising AI for process enhancement and strategic decision-making across various business functions​
  • Fostering an Agility-Based Culture
    Implementing a culture that quickly adapts to AI advancements and encourages innovative thinking and flexibility
  • Redesigning Work Processes and Tasks
    How organisations like Microsoft approach the redesign of work processes to optimise the collaboration between humans and AI technologies.
  • Ethical Considerations and Employee Engagement
    Addressing ethical concerns and engaging employees positively to ensure AI technologies are used responsibly and inclusively
  • Emphasising Complementary Human Skills
    Investing in training for skills that AI cannot replicate, such as creativity, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal dynamics.


Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the importance of agility and flexibility in organisational culture to maximise AI benefits.
  • Understand how to restructure work processes to integrate AI effectively, enhancing both efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • Identify key human skills that complement AI and the importance of investing in these areas for future readiness.