From Data to Dosh - How to Quantify Your Value for the CHRO

Ian Cook
Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM
Join us to discover how leading PA teams are seizing 3 key opportunities to empower their CHROs to close the gap between people and business impact.
CHROs face unprecedented challenges: Sourcing key skills and reskilling workforces, enhancing manager effectiveness, and maximising return on investments are just a few. To succeed, they need a strategic partner: their People Analytics (PA) team.

But the reality? Many organisations struggle with gaps between the business, CHRO, PA team capabilities, and siloed data. This leads to under-utilised PA teams, subpar business outcomes, and frustration.

This session will explore:

  • The present state of People Analytics and its synchronisation with CHROs' strategic priorities.
  • Identifying and bridging the gaps that impair the efficacy of PA teams in contributing to business results.
  • Strategies for augmenting the integration and analysis of HR and people data to maximise the return on investment in HR technology.
  • Approaches to expedite HR effectiveness through the adoption of AI-powered data literacy tools, dismantling data silos and democratising insights across the organisation.
  • Practical instances of how data-driven insights can enhance manager effectiveness, employee engagement, ESG performance, and retention, leading to significant business impacts.

Learning outcomes:

  • Maximise HR Tech ROI: Unlock the full potential of your HR tech stack by seamlessly integrating and analysing HR and people data. Gain insights beyond individual systems, driving strategic decision-making.
  • Accelerate HR Effectiveness: Empower leaders with AI-powered data literacy and adoption tools. Break down data silos, democratise insights, and fuel data-driven HR transformation.
  • Achieve Business Impact: Focus on the ultimate goal: business outcomes. Discover how data-driven insights on manager effectiveness can enhance ESG, employee engagement, performance, and retention, ultimately impacting your bottom line.