The Virtuous Circle of Analytics at the Heart of Decision-Making

This session examines Wise’s approach to where people analytics fits in its organisational structure, focusing on the specific benefits this has brought to decision-making and employee experience. Learn how this can lead to improved outcomes and a more engaged workforce.
Strategic organisational design is increasingly critical in today's competitive business environment. By rethinking the relationship between People Analytics, the HR function, and wider business analytics there is an opportunity to harness the combination of strengths these functions bring. Wise have implemented an organisational design in their HR team to enhance decision-making and a more nuanced understanding of employee needs.

This session will explore:

  • The Foundation of Wise’s Organisational Design: Overview of the structure that integrates analytics with HR functions
  • Decision-Making and Business Strategy: How analytics informs strategic decisions at Wise and the impact on business outcomes
  • Data-Driven Employee Experience: Exploring the benefits of analytics in designing and managing employee programmes
  • Future Trends in HR and Analytics: Discussion on the evolving role of analytics in shaping HR.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn from Wise’s implementation of analytics in HR for better decision-making
  • Identify ways in which a data-driven approach can enhance employee experience and programme development
  • Understand future trends in people analytics and the implications for HR.