Using Data and Insight for Strategic Workforce Planning: A Sage and TalentNeuron Case Study

In this session, you will learn how Sage is using labour market data to inform critical strategic workforce planning and location strategy decisions. Discover how the process of transforming raw data into actionable business insights can drive meaningful change.

Workforce planning is a critical but complex process with many stakeholders involved. Objective data helps to gain buy-in, shift mindsets, and drive action.

This session will explore:

How Sage addressed critical business problems through external labour market intelligence in partnership with TalentNeuron.

Learning outcomes:

  • A real-world example of data-driven decision-making in action at Sage, including the specific challenges faced and how they were overcome.
  • Strategies employed by Sage for effectively communicating insights to stakeholders and gaining buy-in across the organisation.
  • Insights into the collaborative journey of Sage and TalentNeuron, highlighting the key factors that contributed to their success.
  • Tips for overcoming common challenges in implementing analytics-driven workforce planning, based on the lessons learned by Sage and TalentNeuron