Using Talent Intelligence to Redefine our EVP for the New Generation

In an era where the workforce is becoming increasingly diverse and values-driven, organisations are compelled to revisit and revamp their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract and retain top talent. We will delve into innovative TI strategies for both broad and targetted EVP design, as well as ways to move fast and sell your own brand against the mis-steps and shortcomings of your competitors.
The imperative for organisations to adapt and innovate their EVPs has never been more critical. With the emergence of new workplace dynamics and expectations, leveraging TI offers a strategic advantage in understanding and catering to the multifaceted desires of prospective employees. This world-class panel will dissect the confluence of TI and EVP redesign, providing a blueprint for fostering a compelling and competitive workplace.

This session will explore:

Decoding Talent Intelligence: An in-depth exploration of TI, including advanced analytics, AI-driven talent mapping, and predictive modelling techniques that are revolutionising HR strategies.

  • The New Generation Workforce: A comprehensive analysis of the shifting values, expectations, and career aspirations of millennials and Gen Z, informed by TI findings
  • Integrating TI in EVP Development: Step-by-step methodologies for leveraging TI to inform EVP elements such as flexible working conditions, career development opportunities, and purpose-driven work
  • Success Stories & Lessons Learned: Detailed case studies from the panellists' organisations, highlighting specific instances where TI was instrumental in redefining their EVPs, including the tools and platforms used, and the impact on talent acquisition and retention metrics
  • Overcoming Barriers to TI Integration: An honest discussion on the practical challenges faced by organisations in embedding TI into HR processes and strategies for overcoming these obstacles
  • Visioning the Future with TI: Predictive insights into how TI will continue to evolve and influence EVPs and talent management practices, including the role of emerging technologies and data privacy considerations.

Learning outcomes:

  • The foundational elements and advanced techniques of Talent Intelligence
  • The nuanced expectations of the new generation workforce and how these can be met through a data-informed EVP
  • Practical strategies and real-life examples of TI-driven EVP redesign, equipping HR professionals with the knowledge to apply these insights to their own organisations
  • An awareness of the challenges in TI implementation and strategies to navigate these effectively
  • A forward-looking perspective on the role of TI in future HR practices and EVP development.