How must People Analytics Evolve to Stay Effective and Relevant?

This closing session for the conference will offer a critical examination of the strategic evolution required to maintain the effectiveness and relevance of people analytics in the face of technological progression and shifting organisational dynamics. This session will provide a robust dialogue on balancing technological innovations with ethical practices, positioning analytics strategically within organisations, and evolving leadership roles in an analytics-embedded environment.

As businesses navigate complex dynamics such as changing work environments and technological advancements, the capacity of people analytics to adapt, innovate, and deliver tangible business value is critical. This panel will address how analytics functions can be strategically placed within organisations to maximise impact.

This session will explore:

  • Innovations in Data Collection and Analysis: Advances in AI, machine learning, and implications for privacy and ethics.
  • Strategic Organisational Placement: Optimal structures for embedding people analytics capabilities to enhance business value.
  • Leadership in Analytics-Embedded Organisations: Evolving roles and skills required to lead in data-driven environments.
  • Integrated Enterprise Analytics: Strategies for cross-functional collaboration and ensuring analytics directly contribute to strategic objectives.
  • Skills for Future Analysts: Identifying evolving skillsets in response to technological changes and global trends.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how to harness technological advancements like AI and machine learning while managing ethical implications.
  • Evaluate different organisational structures for embedding people analytics to enhance strategic impact.
  • Recognise necessary leadership qualities and skills in fostering a data-driven culture.
  • Develop strategies for integrated, cross-functional analytics aligned with business needs.
  • Anticipate and adapt to global trends affecting people analytics.