GenAI: From Idea to Prototype to Production

Dirk Jonker
Thursday, April 25, 2024, 11:35 AM - 12:15 PM
GenerativeAI is the talk of the town, but what is practically required to make it work. Over the last year, Crunchr has been through a journey of discovery, continuous testing, and innovation. Crunchr believes the opportunity of GenAI for HR and people analytics is huge and that GenAI is here to stay. At the same,  it will require more years of hard work and experimentation across disciplines to let GenAI come to full fruition.

This session will explore:

•    A peek behind the scenes in Crunchr AI labs
•    Lessons learned after a year of testing and innovation, and how organizations can apply those lessons in their work
•    The new EU AI Act and relevant context around privacy and security for HR
•    How Crunchr addresses those concerns through good architecture.

Learning outcomes:

•    What it takes to bring GenAI models to production
•    Key considerations for when you are thinking to apply GenAI in your organization
•    Potential avenues to address privacy and security concerns.