Evidence-Based HR: Redefining People Analytics Strategy

This session for the Strategy track examines the confluence of Evidence-Based Management and People Analytics, presenting a nuanced approach that empowers leaders to refine their strategic outlook on people analytics and digital workforce management. This session not only contrasts EBM with traditional PA approaches, but also showcases its profound impact on enhancing strategic decision-making within the digital and AI-augmented workplace.
Amidst the rapid evolution of workplace technology and the burgeoning reliance on digital workforce strategies, the necessity for a strategic, evidence-based approach in people analytics has never been more paramount. Leaders are now tasked with discerning the subtle yet significant differences between EBM and PA to unlock new dimensions of employee experience and operational efficiency. This session is pivotal for leaders aiming to recalibrate their strategic vision towards a more data-informed, scientifically grounded methodology.

This session will explore:

  • Deciphering Evidence-Based Management (EBM) Within People Analytics
  • Comparative Analysis: EBM Versus Traditional People Analytics Practices
  • Navigating the Integration of EBM in Strategic Decision-Making Processes
  • Case Studies and Models of Success in EBM Implementation.

Learning outcomes:

  • A clear differentiation between EBM and traditional people analytics methodologies, and the strategic advantages of each.
  • Practical strategies for integrating EBM principles into¬†digital workforce strategies.
  • Insights into effectively navigating the transition towards an evidence-based strategic approach in people analytics.
  • A toolkit for leveraging EBM to enhance employee experience, operational efficiency, and organisational performance.