Recruitment Analytics: AI-Powered Sourcing and Assessment

This session unveils the transformative journey of integrating data analytics and AI into the realm of talent acquisition, highlighting the case study of Bosch's People Acquisition Campus. Attendees will explore the conception, development, and implementation of a unified strategy for collecting, analysing, and applying data to refine recruitment processes, enhance candidate assessment, and optimise talent sourcing.
Using AI and analytics to improve recruitment processes is now essential. This session showcases how Bosch has developed a data-driven approach to talent acquisition, setting new benchmarks for recruitment analytics. By combining AI with strategic data gathering and analysis, Bosch has created a recruitment process that effectively attracts and keeps high-quality talent, offering a practical model for enhancing recruitment in a competitive environment.

This session will explore:

  • The inception and evolution of Bosch's People Acquisition Campus.
  • Strategies for collecting and analysing recruitment data.
  • Implementing AI tools for candidate assessment and job marketing.
  • Overcoming challenges in data integration and privacy regulations.
  • Future directions in talent intelligence and recruitment analytics.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the foundational elements of a data-driven talent acquisition strategy.
  • Gain insights into the practical application of AI and analytics in recruitment.
  • Learn about the challenges and solutions in data privacy and integration within HR processes.
  • Discover strategies for improving candidate sourcing and assessment through data analytics.