Navigating the Future of HR and Strategic Workforce Planning: Trends, Strategies and Best Practices

Learn about Nestle's journey of embedding strategic workforce planning within business operations, highlighted by the integration of people analytics. This session offers insights into transforming workforce planning strategies into actionable outcomes, enhancing both organisational agility and talent investments through innovative practices and technology.
Strategic Workforce Planning is at the heart of the development of People strategy, and of understanding the right blend of insight driven actions that will help deliver a Future Ready Workforce.

This session will explore:

  • Why Nestle introduced a new approach to Strategic Workforce Planning through the 4B's (Buy, Build, Borrow and Bot)
  • The importance of introducing a skills-based approach to SWP
  • How we made a skills-based approach to SWP 4B a success at Nestle
  • How we integrate and ensure actionable insights for our Business and HR Leaders
  • Integrating SWP with Talent, Learning

Learning outcomes:

  • The importance of SWP 4B to the business
  • How SWP can positively impact the HR function be delivering actionable insights
  • How to be prepared for the Future Ready Workforce
  • The importance of the right technology to enhance the quality of SWP.