Enhancing Decision-Making Through Data Democratisation and AI

This session provides deep insights into leveraging AI for effective data democratisation, highlighting practical challenges and solutions from HSBC's ongoing journey. Join us to understand how your organisation can harness similar strategies for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.
The drive for data democratisation at HSBC began post their digital HR transformation in the late 2010s, aiming to extend people analytics beyond the HR function to the broader organisation. The initiative addressed the intricate challenges posed by traditional data systems that hindered easy data access and utilisation.

This session will explore:

  • The Imperative for Data Democratisation: Understanding the necessity and strategic benefits of making data accessible.
  • Challenges in Traditional Data Access: Overcoming the complexities of legacy systems that limit user-friendly data interaction.
  • Implementation of AI Solutions: Developing a digital assistant to serve as a virtual business partner, enhancing data interaction without extensive training or change management.
  • Cultural and Operational Shifts: Encouraging a shift in mindset from traditional data retrieval methods to proactive, self-service analytics.
  • Future Prospects and Innovations: Exploring the role of generative AI in further simplifying and enhancing data analytics processes at HSBC.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the strategic importance of data democratisation in large organisations.
  • Identify the common barriers to data accessibility and how AI can address these challenges.
  • Understand the implications of AI-driven analytics on organisational decision-making and cultural transformation.
  • Explore the potential enhancements in user experience and operational efficiency through AI integrations.