Kristina Schoemmel
HR Director, People Analytics
In the world of business, I stand at the intersection of people, organizations, and processes. Armed with a profound psychological understanding, I bring over 14 years of expansive HR expertise gained from diverse international corporations. My journey is marked by a consistent track record of achieving impactful results across strategic, tactical, and operational realms.

As a results-driven HR leader, I have catalysed transformative change and optimized organizational performance through innovative initiatives. Collaborating seamlessly with executives, I deploy strategic HR solutions that align with broader business objectives, underpinned by a robust strategic and managerial mindset.

Currently serving as Director of People Analytics & Data Management, I globally spearhead the utilization of data to drive strategic HR decisions. Leveraging data management, data analytics, global reporting, KPI setting, and advanced techniques, I translate insights into actionable strategies that enhance workforce performance.

I am passionate about exchanging ideas, exploring new trends in people analytics, and collaborating with like-minded professionals to drive excellence in the field of HR. Hence, looking much forward to the connect at the conference!