Pablo Manuel Valli Barreto
Global Strategic Ecosystem Development Engineer
Experienced data-driven professional with a unique blend of engineering and psychology expertise, boasting over a decade of dedicated service in decoding insights to drive organizational growth and efficiency. Specializing in designing, developing, and implementing enterprise-scale data solutions, I excel in technologies such as SQL, AWS, Snowflake, and Azure ML, along with databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Proficient in data transformation tools like DBT and distributed processing frameworks like Apache Hadoop, I am skilled in crafting compelling data visualizations and analysis using leading tools such as Tableau and Power BI. With a proven track record across diverse industries and geographies, I have led teams, developed key metrics, and pioneered innovative analysis models to seize new market opportunities.

My dedication to continuous learning, creative problem-solving, and passion for data drives my pursuit of excellence in every project. Currently finishing a degree in Psychology, I am poised to bring a unique blend of analytical rigor and human understanding to any organization seeking transformative insights.