Building & Scaling

This channel delves into the entire journey of people analytics within an organisation, from its inception to enterprise-level scaling, covering areas like building a compelling business case, kickstarting the initiative, assembling a team, democratising data access, driving adoption of insights, and ensuring ongoing support.

Building the Business Case

Strategies and approaches for demonstrating the value of people analytics, securing investment, and gaining leadership buy-in.

Starting a People Analytics Function:

The initial stages of creating a people analytics team, including setting objectives, defining scope, and planning implementation.

Data Literacy and Democratisation

Foster a data-driven culture within the organisation, promoting data literacy and ensuring broad access to data and insights.

Driving Adoption of People Analytics

Strategies for encouraging the use of people analytics across the organisation, overcoming resistance, and ensuring insights inform decision-making.

Scaling and Productisation

How to expand, productise, and evolve a people analytics function as the organisation grows and its needs change.

Systems Thinking and Effective Architecture

How a holistic understanding of organisational systems can inform the design and optimisation of people analytics infrastructure.