Business Strategy & Performance

This channel explores the integral role of people analytics in shaping data-driven business strategies, enhancing financial performance, informing leadership practices, supporting mergers and acquisitions, and facilitating strategic workforce planning and transformation for competitive advantage.

Data-Driven Business Strategy

How HR data can contribute to shaping business strategy, and support strategic decision-making processes.

Financial Performance & Reporting

The role of HR data in informing financial performance and reporting, helping to articulate the value of HR initiatives.

HR & Organisational Effectiveness

How data can be used to measure and improve HR and overall organisational effectiveness, aiding operational excellence.

Management & Leadership

How data can inform management and leadership practices, contributing to more effective decision-making.

Mergers & Acquisitions

How HR data can guide growth strategies, particularly in mergers and acquisitions, and how to use data to manage culture, talent, and business integrations during M&A activities.

Strategic Workforce Planning

How people analytics can support strategic workforce planning, and the design of future-focused organisation structures to meet business needs and drive competitive advantage.