Consulting & Communication

This channel delves into the intricacies of utilising data to enhance HR consulting capabilities, improve decision-making, navigate internal politics, refine insights through iterative improvements, and communicate effectively during crises, and explores how to embed people analytics in business processes through strong, commercially-focussed business partnerships.

Consulting & Business Partnership

How HR professionals can provide consultative support and partner with business units, using data to inform decisions and strategies.

Storytelling with Data

Techniques for effectively communicating and visualising data to tell compelling stories that drive decision-making.

Influence, Persuasion & Internal Politics 

Strategies for influencing key stakeholders, persuading them of the value of people analytics insights, and navigating the internal politics of an organisation.

Information Design & Decision Architecture

Designing information and decision-making processes to maximise the impact and adoption of people analytics insights.

Feedback & Iterative Improvement

How to embed user testing and feedback in the process of building people analytics, and improving the quality and impact of insights over time.

Crisis Communication & Decision Making

Explores the role of people analytics in crisis situations, including strategies for communicating effectively and making data-driven decisions under pressure.