Data & Technology

This channel delves into the technical backbone of people analytics, covering aspects such as data collection and management, data privacy, visualisation and interactive design, advanced and predictive analytics, effective architecture design, and software selection and integration for seamless operations.

Data Collection, Management & Integrity

Discusses strategies for effective data collection, management, and ensuring data quality and integrity to provide reliable insights in people analytics.

Advanced Analytics, Networks & NLP

Using advanced statistics, predictive modelling, Natural Language Processing, and Network Theory to generate deeper insights and forecast future trends or outcomes.

AI & Machine Learning

The application of artificial intelligence in people analytics, with emphasis on bias detection, ethical AI use, and interpretability.

Systems & Architecture Design

Designing effective data architectures, and the interdependencies between HR processes, data sources, and organisational outcomes.

Data Visualisation & Information Design

Tools and technical approaches for interactive data visualisations and effective information designs to communicate analytics insights.

AI, Automation & Virtual/Augmented Reality

The impact and strategic use of these technologies in the workplace in response to changing macro trends, and how they can improve HR processes and the employee experience.