Professional Development & Leadership

This channel focusses on personal growth, laying out the critical skills, competencies, leadership acumen, strategic thinking, adaptability, and networking abilities required for individual success and authority in the ever-evolving field of people analytics.

Core Competencies & Skills

Outlines the necessary skills and competencies for success in a people analytics role, at different stages of career progression.

Leadership in People Analytics

Discusses the skills and knowledge required to lead a people analytics team, and to drive the use of data in HR and the wider business.

Influential & Strategic Thinking

Developing the ability to influence decision-making with data and to think strategically in a people analytics role.

Continuous Learning & Adaptability

Ongoing learning, adapting to new technologies and techniques, and staying current in the fast-evolving field of people analytics.

Building a Personal Brand

Guidance on establishing oneself as an authority in the field of people analytics, both within and beyond the organisation.

Networking & Mentorship

Building a professional network, seeking mentorship, and sharing knowledge in the field of people analytics.