Unlocking Value From People Data 

A Framework for a Highly Successful, Product-Driven People Analytics Function
Saturday, July 1, 2023, 12:00 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Steve Scott

This session will explore the key enablers to building a high-performing people analytics team in terms of service offering, operating model, roles and responsibilities and stakeholders.

It will also introduce the requirements of a People Analytics Leader and suggest the approach and focus they require to be successful and drive value.

Data-driven HR is on the rise and People Analytics is a hot topic in many organisations. However, many are still struggling to break down the barriers to unlocking meaningful commercial and colleague value from insight and analytics.

A fascinating session for practitioners in people analytics and HR leadership, as well as anyone from across HR who is passionate about data-driven decision-making.

  • How do we unlock value from people data?
  • How do we support high-impact HR and business challenges with insight and analytics to inform evidence-based, data-centric decision making?
  • What does the operating model for a people analytics function need to look like to deliver value?
  • How do we build a data-driven HR function with data confidence and competence?
  • How do we deliver commercial and cultural value for the benefit of organisations and the colleagues working for them?

This session will explore:

  • Building a high-preforming People Analytics Team – the key enablers and critical elements to consider in terms of service offering, operating model, team structure, roles and responsibilities
  • The requirements of a People Analytics Leader – knowledge, skills, behaviours, experience and focus
  • Unlocking value – how to move the dial from hindsight, insight and foresight to delivering quantifiable value and ROI.

Learning outcomes:

  • A deeper understanding of the building blocks required to create a high performing people analytics team that drives impact and value
  • An understanding of the key attributes required of a successful People Analytics leader
  • An appreciation of the importance on focussing on value and business/colleague outcomes – and how to deliver that value.