Measuring Relationships and Impact Using People Analytics
Adam McKinnon

How to calculate the real ROI of interventions and behaviour change.

Adam McKinnon presents a series of case studies demonstrating the use of people analytics to understand relationships and quantify impact in HR settings.

  • A practical demonstration of the application of people analytics (statistical methods and machine learning) to address definitive business questions
  • Demonstrating how to use various methods to add practical value to HR and Non-HR decision makers
  • Strengths and weakness of the approaches – no sugar coating!

Focus: HR strategy, learning, performance, and operations.

This session will explore:

  • Measuring impact of HR initiatives over time
  • Measuring the impact of different HR initiatives
  • Understanding the relationships between performance objectives and performance ratings
  • Forecasting absenteeism to optimise contract staff scheduling.

Key takeaways:

  • Practical examples of the application of different methods (statistical and ML) to apply in varying practical settings
  • A practical demonstration of processes and technologies employed
  • Thinking creatively about ways to measure the impact of HR activities.