The People Analytics Mindset

Saturday, July 1, 2023, 12:00 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Christian Otto

People Analytics is not so much a software tool or a function within HR. Rather it is a specific mindset.

The mindset of deriving people decisions in an analytical manner. Implementing such an analytical mindset will really bring your HR organisation to the next level.

  • How can People Analytics contribute the most to the success of HR?
  • People Analytics is not delivering on its promise of better decision making despite implementing specific tools and even establishing a dedicated analytics team.
  • Where to start when implementing People Analytics?
  • HR experts complain about difficult tools, even though the tools are rather easy to use.

This session will explore:

  • Why HR is still different from other company functions: The typical HR mindset is not an analytical one.
  • Why PA software solutions and a dedicated PA team alone won’t get you any further with reaping the fruits of data driven decision making.
  • People Analytics is all about the right mindset: solving challenges analytically. Why its basics are surprisingly simple and yet so difficult to implement.
  • Strategies and measures for implementing the People Analytics mindset within HR: how to support your mission with a PA team and analytics software solutions.
  • The limits of using data in HR: Why this is another strong argument in favor of a PA mindset.

Learning outcomes:

  • Why PA can’t be implemented by simply buying a tool or creating a PA team
  • PA is a mindset, a problem solving strategy that is based on facts
  • Strategies to implement the PA mindset.
  • The difficulties with changing the HR mindset and how to get around them.
  • Utilise PA software solutions and a PA team to support the PA mindset.