Making HR Data-Driven: The T-Shaped HR Professional

Saturday, July 1, 2023, 12:00 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Erik van Vulpen

In this session, you’ll be challenged with a classic question: How to get HRBPs and other HR stakeholders to become more data-driven?



This session will present the profile of the T-shaped HR professional, and the skills that are becoming more and more important.

Erik will explain the concept of the T-shaped HR professional, and present an exercise to rate your own clients on a number of dimensions, with a plan for how you can tackle this.

  • People Analytics adoption depends on how data-driven HR professionals are 
  • Many of the common people analytics mistakes can be avoided by having more all-round HR professionals
  • The current lack of development plans to make the HR organisation more data-driven should be addressed.

This session will explore:

  • The data-driven HR professional
  • The digital HR professional
  • The business-savvy HR professional
  • How you can make the HR population more data-driven, digital, and business savvy.

Learning outcomes:

  • A plan to upskill the HR population in data-driven skills
  • Know how to make the HR business partner population more data-driven.