How to Map the Employee Experience using Customer Journey Analytics

Saturday, July 1, 2023, 12:00 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Cara Davies

This session will look at how to apply the marketing concept of customer journey mapping to the employee experience.

Whether we are looking at the new hire journey or the career journeys of our tenured employees, using journey mapping techniques can help us identify bottlenecks, target inequities, and ultimately introduce more transparency into our HR processes.

The cross-fertilisation of ideas is important, and HR analytics has the opportunity to borrow techniques from other areas (in this case, marketing analytics.)

Additionally, being aware of the “customer journey” within our own employee base can highlight problems and pain points that we might not have considered before looking at the data (for instance, when we look at our hiring funnels, are there areas where a disproportionate number of minorities are falling out? Are there some job groups where the competition is higher for female applicants than male applicants, based solely on the kinds of jobs they are applying for?)

The concept of journey mapping with employee data can be used in the hiring process or when looking at career growth across the whole company, two uses that I will highlight in this session.

This session will explore:

  • What is customer journey mapping?
  • How can we apply customer journey mapping to the hiring process?
  • How can we apply customer journey mapping to employee growth and development?
  • What tools can we use for employee journey mapping?

Learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to a novel way of thinking about the “employee journey”
  • Ideas about tracking employee growth and development
  • Understanding how DE&I measures can be layered on top of the overall “journey”
  • Introduction to some statistical tools (Python, PowerBI, SQL).