People Analytics to Support a Decentralised Operating Model

Saturday, July 1, 2023, 12:00 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Lynette Carlson Jamie Nevshehir

In this session, Jamie Nevshehir and Lynette Carlson explore how a decentralised operating model can provide a unique advantage in terms of getting closer to the business challenges and uncovering tangible benefits from people data.

Every organisation is different, and there is no “one size fits all” in terms of how you structure your People Analytics team, or how you conduct analysis.

Having a decentralised business can sometimes be seen as a challenge; however, getting the right balance of where analytics expertise is placed and how you structure your People Analytics team can make all the difference.

NBCUniversal, like a lot of other businesses, is federated: businesses span a number of different facets, such as TV, Film, News, Sports and Theme Parks. This creates a unique culture and dynamic, but also adds a level of complexity when it comes to People Analytics.

Jamie and Lynette, through the example of NBCUniversal, will discuss how working in a decentralised HR structure with analysts at a business level has helped to uncover real tangible People Analytics outcomes and insights.


Strategic, Leadership, Decentralised Organisations, People Analytics Leaders, Operating Models, Media, BI, Data Architecture, Data Lakes

  • Decentralised operating models have their challenges and advantages – being more decentralised forces you to work closer with the different businesses and facets within your organisation – you get deeper insights!
  • The flip side is that, as a result of greater business autonomy, it can be challenging to productise People Analytics offerings, e.g. dashboards or tools that fit the needs of all the businesses.


This session will explore:

  • How do you best structure your People Analytics team when your business is decentralised?
  • What are the things to think about in terms of building a People Analytics technology architecture when working with a decentralised operating model?
  • What are the advantages and challenges when conducting People Analytics within a decentralised HR operating model?

Learning outcomes:

  • Structuring your People Analytics organisation when operating in a decentralised operating model
  • Building a People Analytics technology architecture to support a decentralised operating model
  • Understanding of People Analytics in the media Industry.