Coding in R for HR: A Quick Guide to Learning to Code, and Living to Tell the Tale

Saturday, July 1, 2023, 12:00 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Sergio Garcia Mora

In this presentation we will talk about some barriers when learning to program in R and how to overcome them, myths, and some of the opportunities that this language offers to simplify our work.

R is one of the most popular languages in Data Science, and typically associated with machine learning concepts, algorithms, and statistical analysis. However, R offers multiple solutions to the daily HR practice, like report automation, dashboards, and making presentations with data, saving time and gaining precision.

BI, Reporting and People Analytics practitioners. Anyone interested in developing Data skills

The challenge:

  • Dealing with multiple sources of data (aka Excel files)
  • Analysing all kinds of data
  • Sharing and reproducing analysis
  • Starting on your path into Data Science and Predictive Analytics


This session will explore:

  • The multiple possibilities R has to offer to daily HR tasks
  • The different kinds of analysis that are possible within R
  • Different packages for reporting, presentations, and dashboards
  • The power of open-source community, R User Groups, and free and high-quality sources to learn from.

Learning outcomes:

  • Know what HR can do using R for specific analysis, reports and daily tasks
  • Find communities and sources for learning to code
  • Have fun coding.