Ask, Align, Act: A Proactive Problem-Solving Framework
Caitlin Bigsby Mike Everitt

There is no shortage of ideas to drive organisational change, but what will really move the needle?

This is where a proactive problem-solving framework can help!

With the Ask, Align, Act framework, you can discover what’s actually going on and work in partnership with stakeholders across your business to drive results (at scale and at pace).

Key takeaways:

  • How to uncover the real issues with the Ask, Align, Act framework
  • How to conduct a naive analysis that’s simple enough for non-analysts
  • How to bring data and stakeholders together to make measurable change.

“Great ideas fail, not because we don’t know what to do, but because we’re often working without enough information, and/or are applying our great ideas in the wrong place.”