Announcing a new People Analytics Operating Model for the Digital Era – DEPA:OM

Saturday, July 1, 2023, 12:00 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Max Blumberg

This session presents a new Digital-Era People Analytics Operating Model  (otherwise referred to as DEPA:OM) to address limitations commonly found in the People Analytics operating models.


  • Most current People Analytics operating models are not designed to transform outcomes from core analytics projects into scalable actionable workforce products
  • Current People Analytics job roles, functions and deliverables are frequently not well-defined (it is not clear exactly “who is accountable for what”)
  • Many key initiatives – such as Workforce Planning and new HRIS implementation – are usually positioned as ad hoc People Analytics activities rather than integral components of the overall People Analytics strategy
  • Because data analysis and implementation are usually managed by separate teams, their activities remain uncoordinated. In such cases, findings from statistical analysis are therefore frequently poorly implemented – and in many instances not implemented at all.
  • Finally, and despite repeated warnings from Executive Teams, many current People Analytics operating models persist in focusing on low-level operational workforce outcomes rather than on organisational-level Key Performance Drivers such as productivity, customer-growth and innovation, to the detriment of the overall business strategy.

The DEPA:OM presented at this session is available at no charge, under a Creative Commons Licence.

This session will explore:

Learning outcomes: