Beyond Engagement: Thinking more Strategically about People Data
Karlee Scott-Murphy

Have we put too many eggs into the ‘engagement survey data’ basket? While attitudinal data has value, this session will explore how combining attitudes with behaviours can create more compelling insights which can drive deeper organisational change. With a reputation for business transformation, HR can start having a greater impact.

  • What other data sources can I leverage?
  • How can I create more strategic value for the business as HR?
  • How can I better understand what is happening to my employees?

This session will explore:

  • Why attitudes are good, but combining with behaviours is better
  • Productivity: Measuring deep thinking and non-standard cognitive work
  • Productivity: Understanding self-directed work
  • Productivity: Driving cross-functional collaboration.

Key takeaways:

  • Better understand how knowledge worker productivity can be measured
  • Discover how combining employee attitudes with behaviours can provide more strategic insights for your organisation
  • Find out about how Microsoft and its customers have used the combination of attitudes with behaviours to drive change.