New Metrics for Remote/Hybrid Work

Saturday, July 1, 2023, 12:00 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Philip Arkcoll

As organizations move toward more hybrid and fully remote ways of working they need to rethink the core data and metrics they are using to support key people decisions.



The old tools and data such as survey results are no longer sufficient to provide the level of insight required to support a successful remote or distributed organization. We will present a variety of case studies.

Philip Arkcoll is the founder of Worklytics, a Y Combinator backed company which provides metrics and insight on work and collaboration in productivity tools such as Office365, Google Workplace and Slack. They work with People Analytics teams at companies like Dropbox, Uber and WeWork to provide metrics and insight designed to improve employee experience and support hybrid/remote work. Worklytics applies analysis techniques, including organizational network analysis and machine learning, to better understand team dynamics, leadership behaviors and collaboration across a broad range of organizations.

Philip has an extensive background in data analysis as well as user experience design and has applied this to building consumer grade user-experiences for HR organizations, business leaders and managers across a range of industries. Previously, Philip was Vice President of Product at Tuenti, the worlds largest spanish social network with over 14 million users, which was acquired by Telefonica in 2010. Philip holds a degree in Computer Science and Management from the University of Cape Town, in South Africa.

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