Accelerating Transformation Progress through Behaviours that Drive Performance
Laura Stevens Tina Peeters

Culture and behaviour trump strategy every time, no matter how brilliant the transformation plan. Despite the widespread recognition of this fact, few organisations invest time in carefully defining, prioritising and tracking the critical shifts in behaviour required to accelerate transformation success and drive company performance.

The days of pure experimentation in the field of people analytics are over. Today, people analytics leaders are expected to contribute to strategy realisation and value delivery. This is where many people analytics functions continue to struggle.

In this presentation, we discuss how defining and tracking progress across a few critical behaviours can drive strategy delivery and position this topic as a part of a broader employee listening strategy.

This session will explore:

How people analytics and employee listening can drive and accelerate strategy delivery and transformation success
How collaboration with senior leadership is an essential ingredient for success
The involvement of a strategic people analytics function starts way earlier than in the measurement or analysis phase
Designing purpose-led, science-based and performance-driven survey questions.

Learning outcomes:

Understand where to play as a people analytics function
Understand key ingredients to be successful as a people analytics function.