Breaking Down the Barriers between People Analytics and HR Business Partners

Thursday, April 21, 2022, 12:00 AM - 12:30 AM
(UTC+02:00) Berlin, Bern
Steve Scott Vicky Joynes

Vicky Joynes and Steve Scott have developed a new approach to building a data driven HR culture at Standard Chartered that is grounded in partnership and a genuine appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that each are grappling with. This session will provide an overview of this approach and describe some of the innovative approaches they and their teams have taken together.

A model for a collaborative approach to unlocking business value from people data and building a data driven HR function.

For too long, People Analytics team and HR Business Partners have faced into each other with different perspectives, and this has become a blocker to truly collaborative working in service of resolving business problem and seizing business opportunities. In many organisations, each side blames the other, with claims such as:

“HRBPs aren’t data-savvy”
“People Analytics doesn’t give us the data and insight we need to do our job”
“We don’t have access to the data in a way that makes it easy for us to draw insights from it”.
Often, each has left the other to their own devices, which then becomes a fundamental blocker to driving organisational impact and value. If this resonates with you and your organisation, then join us for this session to explore a new model and approach.

This session will explore:

  • Aligning perspectives to what Data-Driven HR really means
  • Operational Data-Driven HR versus Strategic Data Driven HR
  • Benchmarking Data Driven HR maturity, and identifying the required interventions across People, Data, Technology and Processes
  • Ways of upskilling and reskilling the wider HR function that combine learning and practice, using real life use cases
  • Creating a permanent, two-way feedback loop between teams to support the evolution of the partnership
  • Prioritisation based on collective value and impact, to ensure both sides are working together on the highest-order priorities.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover concrete examples of how we designed and implemented the above initiatives
  • Learn how to demonstrate the value of these approaches, based on our own experiences
  • Hear reflections of our journey so far, the successes, and the lessons learnt from this new approach.