Productising People Analytics at Global Scale
Ian O'Keefe

The productisation of People Analytics is the next horizon for HR, whichever industry it operates in. Ian O’Keefe, who leads People Analytics globally at Amazon, will show how People Analytics is embedded throughout the entire corporate structure, working backwards from customers, working with data science teams and senior leaders, using both centralised and federated models. Ian talks with Max Blumberg to share some GTM successes, and offer advice and reflections.

Fireside chat hosted by Max Blumberg, recorded live at People Analytics World, April 2022

Shipping insights that influence behaviour to improve business outcomes is the north star of many People Analytics teams. At Amazon, this north star is realised through the unification of Science, Product, and Technology. We deliver talent insights and influence behaviour in scalable consumer-grade product formats.

This session will explore:

  • Working backwards from the customer to inform human decision-making and improve talent outcomes
  • Science capabilities (DE, BIE, DS, RS, AS, etc.) needed to partner with Product and Tech teams
  • Partnering with senior HR stakeholders and federated Science teams
  • GTM Science successes (e.g. evaluation, promotion, infrastructure)
  • Some advice and reflections about practicality (e.g. 1>2>0).

Learning outcomes:

  • How to build and scale People Analytics products
  • How to identify and navigate tensions in a federated analytics environment.