Be Bold in Starting Analytics: Times Have Changed
Jordan Pettman

Starting an organisation on an analytics maturity journey has long been viewed as a daunting task. But, following years of technology change and advancement, and the laser focus the last 2 years have given business leaders on the need to make data-driven decisions about people and business outcomes – the journey can be much faster. Jordan reflects on the difference in his experiences of two journeys, five years apart.

Now is the time to really double down on enhancing decision making about people and business outcomes with meaning analytics and insights, to move from data-supported, to data-driven decision making – and it’s not as daunting a task as once it was.

This session will explore:

The context for building analytics capability and maturity has evolved. Now is the time to get going
The shift in data privacy frameworks has become a huge enabler of people analytics teams
There is a pull from business to accelerate maturity in using people analytics
From data-supported to data-driven has become a rapid change available to the bold.

Learning outcomes:

Inspiration to get things started
Ideas for enabling rapid change
Ideas to focus on driving behaviours.