Building a Contemporary Technological Infrastructure to Deliver Game-Changing People Insights
Rodolphe Guerin

Since 2021, Roche has made a significant investment in the area of People Insights, designing and implementing a state of the art technology infrastructure, a fundamental building block of analytics. Our fundamental goal is to provide game-changing people insights that are easy to engage with ahead of time, which will ultimately create value for our patients. In this session, Rodolphe Guerin, will unpack the fundamentals on what it takes to deliver actionable insights.

This session will explore:

  • Why a strong technological architecture is key for both People Insights teams and end users
  • What kind of challenges we can address with the support of technology
  • How to make the right technological choices
  • What are the People Insights challenges we are aiming to address with the support of technology
  • How the technology pieces are coming together to build an effective People Insights infrastructure.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand your People Analytics team’s main challenges, and how to address them with contemporary technologies
  • Understand your HR team’s main challenges in the field of People Analytics, and how to address them with contemporary technologies.