Skills & Talent Management

This channel delves into the role of data in shaping effective talent strategies, identifying future skill needs, understanding external talent markets, enhancing the employee experience, guiding learning initiatives and succession planning, and informing competitive compensation and talent acquisition processes.

Data-Driven Talent Strategy

How data can inform the development of effective talent strategies and provide insights into workforce capabilities and needs.

Skills Strategy and Future Skill Requirements

How data can help identify skill gaps, predict future skill needs, and inform strategies for continuous learning and skills development.

Talent Intelligence and Labour Market Analytics

The role of data in understanding the external talent market, leveraging insights for strategic talent decisions and competitive positioning.

Employee Experience & Engagement

How data can enhance the employee experience and drive engagement, particularly in the context of skills development and continuous learning.

Learning, Leadership Development & Succession Planning

How data can guide the creation and implementation of learning programmes, leadership development initiatives, and succession planning, with a focus on skill acquisition and growth.

Compensation, Reward & Talent Acquisition

How data can inform fair and competitive compensation strategies, optimise sourcing and recruitment processes, and enhance talent acquisition in the evolving skills economy.