Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

This category examines the application of people analytics in addressing vital sustainability challenges and corporate responsibility initiatives within organisations, focusing particularly on harnessing data to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and to navigate the complexities of ethical data handling in a global business environment.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Analytics

The use of analytics in quantifying, measuring, and enhancing DEI within organisations, and the different data sources that can be combined to give deeper insight.

Data Ethics, Privacy and Transparency

The ethical considerations in HR data management, including privacy and data protection regulations.

ESG & Workforce Analytics

How data can inform and track ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) efforts within the organisation.

Sustainable Workforce Strategies

Using analytics to formulate and implement strategies that encompass talent retention, wellbeing, workforce ageing, and remote work, which ensure organisational longevity and success.

Corporate Responsibility & Data Stewardship

The role of HR in upholding corporate responsibility through ethical data stewardship.

Reporting & Compliance:

How data can aid in reporting and compliance efforts related to sustainability and corporate responsibility.