Workplace Strategy & Culture

This channel examines macro trends and digital transformation, and explores how data can guide HR and business strategies in managing change, remote/hybrid work, organisation design, and in fostering a culture of innovation and skills-first resilience.

Future of Work & Digital Transformation

The influence of technological advancements and macro trends on the workforce, and how data can help businesses strategically adapt.

Culture, Innovation & Digital Employee Experience

How data can be utilised to foster a culture of innovation that enhances the digital employee experience, aligns with changing trends, and fuels resilience.

Change Management & Adoption

The role of data in managing and facilitating change in response to evolving industry trends, including the adoption of new technologies or processes.

Organisation Design & Skills Transformation

Leveraging data to design agile organisation structures and develop a strategic workforce architecture that aligns with business goals amidst shifting trends.

Location, Labour Trends & Remote/Hybrid Work Strategies

Evolving labour trends in the context of macro shifts, and how data can inform strategies for managing distributed teams and shaping remote or hybrid work practices.

AI, Automation & Virtual/Augmented Reality

The impact and strategic use of these technologies in the workplace in response to changing macro trends, and how they can improve HR processes and the employee experience.