David Green
David Green
Managing Partner and Managing Director
David Green
Nicky Clement
Nicky Clement
VP People Insights & Analytics
Nicky Clement
Ian Cook
Ian Cook
Vice President of Product Management
Ian Cook

"This is the moment for HR and People Analytics. This generation of HR leaders has been appointed by history to define the workplace of the post-industrial era." 

- Diane Gherson, former Chief HR Officer, IBM

Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Businesses face a fresh set of challenges and opportunities in 2023, as the world moves on from the Covid era.

Organisations are once again facing economic uncertainty, supply chain disruption, changing business models, talent and leadership pipeline concerns, evolving competition, and the ever-growing need for data security.

The very nature of the workplace has transformed irreversibly since 2020, and with it have changed employee expectations and demands. Organisations are needing to define themselves through purpose and responsibility to attract and retain the people they need, while DEI and ESG remain high on the agenda for employees and candidates, as well as for customers and investors.

CHROs are being called upon to deliver a People strategy that will help the organisation navigate these challenges, and to get ahead of the competition in securing the skills and technology needed to survive and achieve its objectives.


What is the role of People Analytics in creating and delivering this strategy?


This annual event will bring together three hugely influential figures in Digital HR and People Data Strategy.

  • David Green (Exec. Director, Insight222)
  • Nicky Clement (VP People Analytics, BP)
  • Ian Cook (VP People Analytics, Visier)


The panel will discuss what they believe are the most important trends and priorities for the digital HR leader in 2023. They’ll debate the best approaches for tacking the headwinds and harnessing opportunities, and where People Analytics can be a key competitive differentiator in the year ahead, such as:

  • Applying AI and advanced analytics to talent attraction and retention
  • Transitioning to a skills-based organisation
  • New approaches in employee listening and ONA
  • Linking people metrics to customer satisfaction and retention
  • HR data literacy and communication skills, and commercial acumen
  • Unlocking internal mobility and discovering hidden capabilities
  • Design thinking for useful and scalable productisation
  • Partnership models with Talent Intelligence and Strategic Workforce Planning.


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People Analytics in 2022: Plan your Strategic Digital HR Agenda

People Analytics World has been the go-to conference for European people analytics professionals and HR leaders for the last eight years, and its new hybrid format makes it a truly global event.

With the pandemic elevating people analytics even further, People Analytics World is a must-attend event for anyone working or interested in the field.”

David Green - Managing Partner and Executive Director, Insight222

Author, "Excellence in People Analytics: How to Use Workforce Data to Create Business Value"

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