5 Key Elements for Global SWP
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

The secret sauce for a successful global Strategic Workforce Planning roll-out

Megatrends are making the labour market more complicated than ever. The skills required for different profiles are changing, big attrition is also hitting hard, and the economic uncertainties are making workforce strategies complicated. A globalised approach to Strategic Workforce Planning has never been more critical, so what needs to happen for it to be a success?

In this presentation, Tatiana presents her work in her previous role that led to SWP being declared a strategic business priority, how the function was created and deployed across the whole of Allianz, and share her methodology for taking care of the “So What” at a global scale.

This session will explore:

  • How a pilot programme sent Strategic Workforce Planning to the top of the corporate agenda at Allianz
  • The shape of a dedicated SWP team
  • Building a standardised methodology
  • Taking care of the “So What”.


  • The key elements for success – whatever your size and resources
  • How to show the strategic importance of SWP for the business.