Gergo Safar
Strategic Workforce Manager
Gergo Safar is BT’s Strategic Workforce Manager where he is responsible for BT Group’s strategic workforce planning methodology, tooling, external benchmarking and group consolidation of the plans of the different group divisions. These aggregated plans define the company’s future skills agenda including the proposed skill investments and gap closing activities.

Gergo has a portfolio career of various strategy consulting, M&A, HR business partnering and CoE roles, most recently in the Telco/Techco industry.

Originally from Hungary, Gergo studied and worked in 8 countries including Hungary, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, and most recently the United Kingdom.

His passion is to enable organisations to plan for their future workforce as thoroughly as for their future financials. It made Gergo one of the subject matter experts in skills-led strategic workforce planning and future skills development. He is a curious learner and would like to connect with like-minded professionals aiming to advance the subject.
Gergo Safar