Team Dynamics: Integrating People Analytics and Social Psychology

How can we integrate key concepts within the social psychology of teams into our everyday People Analytics products and analyses? In this session, we explore how we can measure existing and new concepts to monitor team dynamics, create early warning flags, and apply the results into products.
Teams are complex and the dynamics are ever-changing. Using analytics we can demonstrate how a manager and business partner can use data to make decisions that will positively impact the team dynamic and ensure top performance.

This session will explore:

  • Team Dynamics
  • Social Psychology
  • Group Think
  • In Group/Out Group Fault lines
  • Isolation Risk
  • Similarity
  • Applied People Analytics.

Learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to key concepts of team psychology from social psychology
  • Inspiration of how we can apply these concepts within People Analytics, and into everyday People Analytics products and analyses.