Building a People Analytics Function to Enable Business Transformation

This case study will explore how The Coca-Cola Company built a people analytics function to collect and analyse people data that enables the delivery of its business strategy and enable transformation.
Companies with the best talent are more likely to be successful. HR's competitive advantage is their understanding of people-related issues and how to manage them effectively so that the business is successful. For HR to gain and retain their seat at the table, it needs to speak the language of the business which is data. Understanding how the business works and how people data can help its success is critical for all HR professionals.

This session will explore:

  • The business context under which Coca-Cola operates
  • The development of the people analytics function and how it supports the business
  • Examples of strategic people analytics projects conducted with the business.

Learning outcomes:

  • How Coca-Cola has developed a people analytics function
  • How the company is preparing for the future of work using people data
  • Lessons learned.