Scaling People Analytics: Is Your Data Up for the Challenge?

Explore the transformative journey IBM undertook to revolutionise its internal people data platform, setting a new benchmark for executing people analytics at scale. Delve into the pivotal changes and lessons learned that enabled IBM to scale its people analytics capabilities, and redefine its approach to data-driven HR.
As the need for people analytics skyrockets, the readiness of people data is paramount. It's essential that people data not only adheres to compliance, governance, and quality needs, but also supports data democratisation, extending accessibility beyond the analytics team to enable wider decision-making.
As companies venture into advanced AI solutions, ensuring people data can back these technologies is crucial. This session will explore IBM's efforts to evolve its people data platform, addressing these imperative demands.

This session will explore:

  • Lessons learned from our multi-year journey in transforming IBM's internal people data platform
  • Effective prioritisation of initiatives
  • The art of measuring impact in tangible terms
  • Strategies to foster data democratisation across the organisation
  • The nuances of supporting advanced AI analytics.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand IBM's internal journey with our people data platform
  • Learn about the challenges we encountered and how they informed our strategies
  • Take away a blueprint, drawn from our experiences, for initiating or refining your own people data transformation endeavors.