Pietro Mazzoleni
Global Head of People Data and AI Platform Strategy
As a seasoned leader in people data and analytics, I spearhead the global initiative to develop an integrated data and AI platform that provides a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of IBM employees and potential candidates. My role involves directing a global team comprising data scientists, software engineers, and IBM HR reporting specialists. Together, we innovate machine learning solutions that encompass various HR functions such as staffing, talent acquisition, learning and development, compensation, and professional growth. My strategic contributions have been pivotal in driving significant efficiencies, directly contributing to $100M in savings for IBM.

My foundation in computer science and data science is rooted in a distinguished tenure with IBM Research, where I led the execution of pioneering AI projects. My expertise lies in synergizing data, processes, technology, and personnel to drive impactful outcomes and advance organizational goals. Furthermore, my role gave me the opportunity to partner closely with the entire C-Suite, ensuring that our data-driven strategies and AI implementations align with overarching business objectives and foster a culture of innovation and excellence across the organization.