Driving Strategic Business Transformation: People Analytics at Reckitt

Learn how Reckitt is transforming its HR operations with shared services and strategic analytics. Explore data structure challenges, process automation, and the lessons learned in upskilling HR business partners for strategic impact.
  • Organisations face pressure to optimise HR operations, improve employee experience, and maximise efficiency to drive business growth
  • People analytics offers valuable tools to understand data-driven insights for supporting major HR transformations
  • Effectively navigating data structure challenges, process automation, and upskilling HR personnel are crucial for successful implementation.

This session will explore:

  • Reckitt's Transformation Journey: Background on the business imperative driving the shift to shared services and goals of improved employee experience and cost reduction
  • Data as a Foundation: The challenges posed by legacy data structures and strategies to overcome them
  • Automating for Efficiency: The process of automating manual HR functions and lessons learned during this implementation
  • Upskilling for Strategic Impact: How Reckitt is developing strategic competencies in market-based HR business partners
  • Key Takeaways: Best practices and essential learnings from Reckitt's transformation journey.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding Transformation Drivers: Grasp the business case for HR transformations and how analytics can support them
  • Overcoming Data Challenges: Discover strategies to address legacy data structures and enable data-driven decision-making
  • The Automation Journey: Learn about process automation in HR and gain insights from real-world experiences
  • Developing Strategic HR Skills: Understand how to upskill HR personnel for strategic business partnering
  • Lessons Learned: Benefit from Reckitt's successes and challenges to inform your own HR transformation strategy.