Decoding the Success of High Performers

Fatma Hedeya
Thursday, April 25, 2024, 10:50 AM - 11:30 AM
This session unveils the groundbreaking journey and outcomes of the "Polaris" talent research project by Holcim, aimed at uncovering universal traits and behaviours that forecast success in any role within the organisation. Through an exhaustive study involving 150 employees across Europe, the session will share how data analytics and HR insights were combined to challenge traditional talent management practices and provide a new blueprint for identifying and nurturing talent.
With the corporate world in a constant state of flux, the quest to pinpoint what exactly predicates success in any role has never been more critical. Against this backdrop, Holcim embarked on the ambitious Polaris project, leveraging data science to sift through the noise and distil the essence of universal success markers. This session not only shares the journey and findings but also charts a course for HR professionals and data scientists seeking to harmonise their efforts towards a common goal: optimising talent identification and development.

This session will explore:

  • Polaris Project Genesis: The motivation behind seeking a universal success formula
  • Methodological Rigour: The cross-disciplinary approach combining HR acumen with data analytics prowess
  • Revelatory Insights: Key traits identified as universal success predictors and their implications for HR practices
  • From Data to Action: Translating research findings into tangible HR processes and tools
  • Impact and Iteration: Real-world application stories, measured impacts, and the iterative nature of predictive model enhancement.

Learning outcomes:

  • A comprehensive understanding of how to employ data analytics in uncovering universal success traits within their organisations
  • Strategies for bridging the gap between HR insights and data science to enhance talent management
  • Practical guidance on applying research findings to refine hiring, development, and succession planning processes
  • Inspiration from Holcim's journey to initiate similar data-driven HR projects.