Fatma Hedeya
Europe Head of Talent Management
Fatma Hedeya is an international Talent Management thought leader, currently working as Head of Talent Management for the building material giant Holcim Group, overseeing roughly 47,000 employees and 40 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

With a rich background spanning Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, and building materials industries, Fatma emerges as a seasoned professional well-versed in the nuances of business dynamics. 

Transitioning from commercial roles to human resources, she has gained a comprehensive understanding of organisational success. 

Fatma's sessions consistently delve into current trends shaping global industries, addressing both the opportunities they present and the challenges they entail. Leveraging her wealth of experience, she offers practical guidelines to tackle these issues, empowering attendees to translate her insights into actionable strategies for their own business.